Why I’m sending Mr Cameron 34p.

The Other Mrs Beaton

Dear Mr Cameron,

I’m a little confused. If you follow my blog (and let’s face it, why wouldn’t you on your tea break) you would know that this often happens, usually following the announcement of some education policy or another. Then the confusion gets coupled with a bit of research, some healthy debate and then an opinion.

I thought that was what I was meant to do this time, with the whole ‘EU in-or-out’ thing. I’ve been doing my homework as an independently minded, resourceful citizen, and reading up on the EU from a variety of sources. I’ve looked at academic research on various aspects of the EU and Britain’s relationship with and in it. I’ve read opinions from experts on economics, politics, human rights and business. I’ve had some hearty discussions well past my bed-time with my husband on the subject, and with a wider audience (even the mummies…

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Primrose Flower Cushion




I have made this Primrose Flower Cushion from this pattern I did not add the pretty edging as I made a cushion and wanted a double crochet edge so to easily add a cream calico back to it. I added a white satin cover to the inside cushion pad to show through as it is an open work pattern joining of all the flowers. To this I added little flower buttons along the open edge to complete.

This is the new craft fair did not sell much as it was quiet and also a cold day most people at home watching the rugby I suspect. Still we found out about a couple more fairs coming along shortly in April and summer to go to so that’s something!

Edit to add. I did a craft fair again at this venue in Camborne on Saturday and although the weather wasn’t good pouring with rain I sold a bag so that’s good before we all went home early. I have booked another craft fair for next week so the craft fairs are popping up here and there in Cornwall where I live and at reasonable prices so don’t mind giving them a go.




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New Spring Summer Bag


This is my latest bag a reversible yellow flowers and a yellow pattern bag either with a pocket inside or outside.

All the colours are yellow and navy blue with blue velvet at the top and the shoulder strap and blue button and tab. It has a wide top like a slouch and tapers to boxed gusset


I am not listing this in my shop as I am doing a craft fair on Saturday and thought I’d try it there first and this is my first stall at this craft fair, it will be a regular weekly event throughout now and through summer. We have two other good craft fairs recently started in Cornwall and proving popular for stall holders too as they are not too expensive and the table is provided. One is at Hellys in Helston a good location beside the boating lake and the other is at Heartlands in Pool a world heritage site about Cornwalls mining.




Little Stars Cowl


This my new blog with WordPress I lost the password for my blogspot blog I still have Crafty Bags And it’s a lot easier to add photos that’s so good instead of uploading from photobucket I add from photo album. I am finding my way around this blog with WordPress its all new to me.




I started crocheting these stars in lots of colours and decided to continue and make this cowl adding a single crochet edging in a multi-colour yarn. The stars are joined as you go, the pattern  with a diagram makes it easy to follow.

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