Primrose Flower Cushion




I have made this Primrose Flower Cushion from this pattern I did not add the pretty edging as I made a cushion and wanted a double crochet edge so to easily add a cream calico back to it. I added a white satin cover to the inside cushion pad to show through as it is an open work pattern joining of all the flowers. To this I added little flower buttons along the open edge to complete.

This is the new craft fair did not sell much as it was quiet and also a cold day most people at home watching the rugby I suspect. Still we found out about a couple more fairs coming along shortly in April and summer to go to so that’s something!

Edit to add. I did a craft fair again at this venue in Camborne on Saturday and although the weather wasn’t good pouring with rain I sold a bag so that’s good before we all went home early. I have booked another craft fair for next week so the craft fairs are popping up here and there in Cornwall where I live and at reasonable prices so don’t mind giving them a go.




I am linking this with Wool on Sunday’s