Department of Health

Robert Galloway

Mr Hunt, now I am getting angry with you for this ultimate insult. Not just a bit angry but really angry. Blood boiling angry. Need urgent meditation before I have a stroke angry.
How dare you write such a pathetic letter thanking NHS staff for our help during the Junior Drs strike. HOW DARE YOU. Its an embarrassing and pathetic letter made worse by the fact there is a picture of you on it wearing an NHS badge.
Any picture of you creates a Pavlovian response in me of a becoming a bit pissed off and upset.Thats wrong and I am sorry but I can’t help it. But this picture with an NHS badge on has made my blood boil. GET THAT BADGE OFF YOUR SUIT. You are not fit to wear it. You do not deserve to wear it. You demean and insult all of us who work and care about the NHS by wearing it. An NHS badge should be worn by someone who loves the NHS not someone who is at the helm whilst the NHS boat is sinking because of his leadership.
In your letter you thank NHS staff who pulled together to make patients safe. Yes we showed great efforts, but NOT FOR YOU but because we care about our patients and support our Junior Doctors.
The contract you wish to impose is sexist, unfair and unsafe. But if you win, others in the NHS will have a similar contract brought in. And staff across the board will leave, patients will suffer and the NHS will start to fail. Destroy the staff and destroy the NHS. Then you and your cronies will be able to say ‘hey the only solution is privatisation.’
But that sadly is what you want. How is it that someone wrote a book calling for the NHS to be privatised is allowed to be the Secretary of State for Health? The only answer is that this is the government’s long term plan.
This Junior Doctor contract is part and parcel of what is happening overall to the NHS. And all of it makes me just so so sad. So so sad that something so many of us need, love and care about is being so badly damaged.
Before it is too late and our NHS falls apart, please stop your madness. Now is time for conciliation and not escalation. Now is time to be reasonable and not a militant. Now is time to put our patients before your political ideology.
Please stop, think and rethink your NHS policies. Because if you don’t our patients will never forgive you.




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