TwitterNurse – seventh instalment

Save our NHS


Yesterday I attended a march in London.  The reasons for the march were all under the banner of ‘austerity’, cuts to various budgets affecting the welfare state in some way or another or changes to working conditions, impositions placed on whole sections of articulate, educated and caring professions – teachers are threatening to strike due to the imposition of academy status on schools, student nurses are staging walk-outs because of the cuts to their student bursaries, junior doctors are about to stage a full walk-out in a few days’ time because of proposed changes to their contracts.  Many more groups representing a range of social and funding issues attended the march too, all of them worthwhile.

The NHS was well represented demonstrated by the garb of scrubs, uniforms and paraphernalia denoting NHS workers.  For me it was a day of highs and lows.

As I marched alongside friends and family…

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